Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates but the boyz have been on the move non stop since we left new york. Spent some time in Boston, some time in Dayton, some time in Cincinnati, some time in Kansas city, some time in Miami and now we're in Minnesota.

This is probably the first time we've ever been on time for anything. We had time to spare at the air port so like any good hardy boy would do, we got wings and beer.

The jet blue terminal at JFK has to be one of the better eating areas I've ever been to.

I wish i could say the same about there luggage handling. This was my face right after i saw my bag get thrown onto the onto the conveyor belt, fall off then thrown back on again. Jemz's was up next. (video of that later)

Next stop Boston. True story but the last time i was in Boston i was 12 years old. I went with my father and little brother to celebrate Christmas with cousins i had never met before. Turns out they weren't actually my cousins some lady my father had been having an affair with. All good because while my dad was being shady my mom was in LA doing the same with the brother of Issac from the Love Boat (true story). They divorced January 5th. A week later.

We pretty much traded New York's shit weather for Bostons. That's the luck of the Hardy right there. We ran into a Nylon mag tour bus on our way to the hotel. This is Jemz trying to power move his way onto the bus. Per usual it didn't work. So we went to a bar and drank.

The small drink is mine.

This was right after i fell asleep at sound check. Probably not the best look. Hey, I'm learning as i go here!
All and all i pretty good party. Alot better then i thought. Mad people showed everyone killed it, everyone danced, everyone got drunk.

Pase rock was there too.

I don't have the pics from the show yet(they re on the way). i feel like between getting ready to perform and this picture from the after party in the hotel room i wasn't exactly in any condition to take pics. oh well.



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