Monday, June 15, 2009

Sharona of the week!!!!!!
(Dora Corofiglio)

I have the biggest crush on Dora Corofiglio. So big that at one point my facebook status read "in relationship with Dora Carofiglio". Dora Carofiglio was more or less the go to singer on alot of italo records and for good reason too. I could do a post about her (with song) weekly for a year and all of them be as good as the one before it. Her distinct voice is just that dope. She was in alot of groups and went under alot of different names like Funky Family, Amnesie, Answering Service, Angie, Gong Gang, Voyagers (to name a few) and in this case Valerie Dore. "The Night" was probably one of her biggest songs and easily one of my favorites. Between my roommate and I, not a day goes by where this song isnt playing in my apt. I almost dont wanna give it out but its just too good not to. It wasnt as big in the states as it was over seas but i think you'll like it anyway. Enjoy!



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  1. High five Lloyd! I couldn't agree more. I love listening to this song on the train on my way to work. <3 She's the shite.