Thursday, July 9, 2009


After being in what felt like a 3rd world country (Dayton) for a day Cincinnati felt like Hong Kong. We got into Cincinnati late afternoon and passed out for most of the day. I feel like alot more happened then that but honestly its so long ago i don't remember.


The hotel was sick. Pool, gym, spa and a whole bunch of other stuff i was too tired to check out.
This is James old Fredo. He and Zach drove from Dayton to kick it at our show. We plan to redo a song he made called "i don't wanna live in the park." be on the look out for that.
Fredo wasn't even there 5 minutes before he called us over to the bar and bought us tequila shots. I didn't take pictures but the night before started like this and ended with TK face down on the ground of an IHOP parking lot. BTW, these were for 4 people.

Some how even after all those shots we pulled off our best show. When we rolled up we weren't sure what to think. The venue (if can call it that) was in a grimey sports bar. No stage, smelled bad, mad small. Oooooof! Some how all those things sort of added up to our best show so far. Kinda feeling the no stage steez. Not mad. THANKS NATI!


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