Thursday, July 16, 2009

JEMZ' (self-indulgent) TOUR PHOTO ESSAY

I was looking over my pictures from the tour and realized they all sucked. I'll leave the interesting stuff to Lloyd, the funny stuff to TK and just do what I do best, waste time.

the wall outside First Ave, TK and I decided to take pictures in front of our favorites.

pool crew still in effect. here we are on a roof pool in Kansas City with Stackswell. i feel like a homeless guy in nyc could be a millionaire in the mid-west...

Also nice job on the shower in the hotel KC. i think Lloyd and TK's room was the only one without one of these pleasure fountains.

being the green guys we are the three of us took public transport whenever we could (we actually had a big taxi allowance, but that money was put to better use). here we are on the train from the Atlanta Airport, passing every neighborhood ever mentioned on a Dungeon Family record.

rough one last night buddy?

swinging again in Portland (Chad Shoes on the scene)

Designer Drugs and I had a 'jam' session (i was on the 909) at this kid Bach's house in Minneapolis. Theo and I just thought the chair rack was mad funny at the time, maybe we were mad stoned.

one really depressing piece of Minneapolis was all the major chain restaurants and stores. i went to look for food downtown and all i saw was like apple bees and banana republics, not one local business. Jonathan our host explained that it had happened sometime in the 90's. anyway it sucks. But they are know for having he biggest mall in the world (not sure why that is a record), and that mall even has its own shop at the airport (to me that's weird).

I did find the best records of the trip in Minneapolis, including this early work of Major Lazer.

our boy Zach AKA Rackmount lives in a converted factory turned loft in Dayton. his crib is currently my favorite of anyone i know, it reminds me of NYC as a kid. he stole this Tastee-Freeze sign from Yelow Springs OH, where I met him when I was in school.

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