Saturday, July 18, 2009


Los Angeles! This is the second year in a row we've been lucky enough to Dj the Standard rooftop downtown on the 4th. Last year we did our own thing. This year Swimming with Sharks scooped us up along with Dj Hoff, Posso the Dj and the Booty Trap girls. After a heavy night of partying in Sf we hopped on a plane, met up with Lorraine at the airport, got a rental car and drove straight to the Standard. No stops! After not Djing for 2 weeks straight me and sTERRYo were more then ready to go in. Easily the best party ever. My dream is to one day dj on a beach. This will do for now. If youre in LA do yourself a favor and check this party out. You wont be disappointed.

All the homies came out....Hasan the don.

Four finger Franki
Sarah "I had no idea you were in town" Morrison...liar!

Anne Lee. The last time i saw this Anne was in Miami for WMC. Myself and a bunch of friends went straight to the beach from an awesome night of partying at the White Room. Dances tried to kill me that night. Note to self: Don't stand on chairs when in the company of Dances. He gets nervous when you tower over him.

More like Wet Dreams. Whats with all the smiling? "Beach Front Goths" are the worst!


Hoff, his brother, girlfriend and awesome friend

Boy Genius, what can i say? Every time you hang out with Da Hardy Boyz you channel your inner derelict. I know its in there somewhere and and we dont mind helping you find it.

But we cant be held responsible if you simply don't have it.

Watch the black guy trailing behind him.

In this picture i want to believe hes shaking this guys hand and saying "Im really really really sorry for my friend, hes not usually like this."

Whatever! Game on!

Me and sTERRYo are starting a Dj group called "Diet (light) Dreams" where we play REM, ELO and Blues Traveler!

Waldo was there.... well as his brother the man of the hour. Haycock! Who I no longer have to dodge because he waved the money i owe him because he works for Oprah now. Thanks Op!

After the Standard we went around the corner to Waldos. At this point it all got dark for me.

The apartment was getting cramped so we decided to go to the roof. Hoffs brother wasnt doing to well so he grabbed Waldos fur Notorious Big bedsheets.

There were pretty rad. (Hey Miles!)

I dont remember much from that couple hours but i do remember this girl in the white dress being exceptionally bitchy to me. Atleast give me time to be an asshole first!

After that we went to LA Cita around the corner. It was supposed to be packed with people.

It wasnt so Hoff and sTERRYo decided to strip.

That was short lived unfortunately.

Then it all went dark again.

For a while anyway.
We then ended up at Anne Lee's house. Swimming and drinking Vitamin Water. Blah blah blah.
The end!

LA Lloydski

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