Sunday, July 12, 2009


Poplife Miami is always a blast. Warm weather, outdoors, good music and stantys as far as the eye can see. I think Da Hardy Boyz were a little bit too ready. In our eyes this was gonna be the one. Everyone was gonna be amped, all our friends would come out and all the girls would know our songs. Ha! Atleast we had a good time tho. I also learned a valuable lesson. "The two room rule." Every other club we had done before had one room so people had no choice but to stay and watch. Not the case in Miami. We came with the energy of a normal show and slowly watched as the crowd got smaller and smaller. If i had it to do over i would have made a B-line right through the crowd, got on the bar and crowd surfed or something. Next time I'm coming with the energy of 3 rooms!!!!! Viva Miami!!! Jake Jefferson(far left) is the man. He got us all rooms at the Fountain Blue Hotel. He also somehow managed to convince the USA Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships to hold their tournament on the same day as our tour. We got the rooms in exchange for djing the hotels pool party but it was canceled do to rain. So instead of Djing we spend our days (sun glasses on) staring at all the girls in the hotel. Grimey Himey, Terminator Tk and Lurker Lloyd were on the case. There had to be at least a thousand girls. I remember walking past the pool to go to the beach and feeling like id walked into one of those old school Budweiser commercials. I don't have pictures but I'm almost positive sTERRYo does. We were there for two days. One more day of that shit and id probably be writing this from a jail cell. Thanks Jake!!
always and forever miami,


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  1. come back to miami, boys. we want you back here.
    lilly (october/december girl)