Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I wasn't sure what to expect when I found out we were playing in Minneapolis. None of us had been there before so whether or not we would have a good time was up in the air. Micheal Jackson had died 2 days before so the streets were buzzing. Fuck that! We were in Prince's town anyway. GAME ON!

Unfortunately sTERRYo didn't handle the Micheal Jackson news as well as me and Jemz. He spend the first couple days after finding out in this position crying.

Jemz and i on the other hand mourned by drinking purple cocktails and eating hot wings and lamb ribs from the local pub.
This was beyond hilarious considering Jemz was the opening DJ.
Purple Jemz!

Next to the hotel there was this huge arcade. Between this place, the club, the pub where we ate and the hotel being on the same block we didn't venture very far our first day in Minneapolis. At the arcade they had happy hour drink, games, wings and bowling specials. We did all of the above pretty much. Sometimes simultaneously!!

I didn't realize it at first but First Ave where we were performing that night was the same place they shot all of the club scenes in Purple Rain. When I found that out i was on some Micheal Who? shit for the rest of the night

We were in the backroom of the club. Nas and Damian Marley were performing in the front. Every now and then people from the front room would venture into our rave cave and be out quicker then you can say "Nas and Damian Marley suck enough on their own." Some of their reactions were pretty priceless.

Pase Dj'd right before we performed most nights. He was especially killing it this night. Such an amazing energy. Da Hardy Boyz were on the mic getting people amped when all of the sudden he let the last record end and played some Michael Jackson song no one knew. I being drunk on tequila grabbed the mic and screamed "Yo, chill with that fucking Michael Jackson shit, 3 days ago called, we get it!!!!" BAD IDEA!!!
Alot of people weren't to thrilled with my comment. This girl knocked the mic out my hand and tried to fight me.
And all of this right before we were about to perform. HA!

Good thing Four Finger Franki and sTERRYo (is that an ice coffee?) were near by to diffuse the situation. Either way we killed it. One of our better shows in fact. Shout out to all my Minna Fucking Solders!!!!

The next day Pase, sTERRYo and I went to Hooters (also on the same block as the hotel) for wings. Not much else to say about that. Not even sure why I blogged this. Ha. Afterwards i passed out for a better part of the day. sTERRYo went back to the arcade.

We met up with Jonathan who was nice enough to take off the block we'd been camping out on for the last day and a half.

We went to some bar where they had some sort of mystery drink special. You pay a certain amount and drink whatever they give you. Jonathan was one of those non drinkers who lives vicariously through alcoholics. I drank some brown shit, some purple shit, some red shit, some clear shit and some cherry flavored shit. It all went dark after that.

After we went to some sandwich shop where they have hipster white girls making deli sandwiches instead of Mexicans. I thought id seen just about everything. Guess not.

Thanks Minneasota for the good times and the much needed rest, my first moped ride (video coming soon), the purple cocktails and the drugs....



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