Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my name is not.../ nanciversary

So, people are either confused or "going with it" and refer to me IRL as Nance. Well i'm fine with bein' called any of my names, as long as ya get it right see. Nance. not Nancy... the nuance so essential.

In honour of my namesake the dear Nancy Spungen & the anniversary of her passing( yea i said 'passing'- it was an accident okay, guys!!?!!!) and the fact that my own dear sid (Jemz) & i moved into our new ~Dark Dreams~nest I present you with this classic youtube of OG Sid&Nancy at home. More than most of you will never be invited to our real home bc you might be a crazy internet stalker and/ or we don't like you that much but hey- here's all you need to know.. i help him with his inhaler and he lovingly folds my latex shirts.

(Oh, big ups to TheKidRobb for ending this my way- ~dd~ <3s u)

Enjoy this before the boys find out i blogged again- i think i'm here to keep them on their toes.

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