Sunday, November 29, 2009

I thought it was time for another edition of...

Recently the better half of Dark Dreams (Nance) and I went down to Miami to visit her parents. Nance shipped up her tape collection and somewhere in between Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb was this little beauty...

Computer World has always been one of my favorite albums. But I never knew what a master piece it was until I recently took a drive around the city at night with it thumping in the Volvo, WELCOME TO THE DANGER ZONE!

We watched a documentary about the building of the Autobahn the other day and all I could think about while swerving the back streets of Downtown Brooklyn was how ill this would sound going 130 on an open highway (are you allowed to listen to music on the Autobahn?). This would also be perfect for the Downtown LA Blade Runner scene (I think a new remastered CD version is right around the corner).

If you're into Kraftwerk make sure you grab this (last months) copy of MOJO. Between the Grunge photos, Kraftwerk interview and the Yoko Ono piece Nance and I were fighting over the entire flight home.

I was thinking of what audio sample would be fitting for this post and then I remembered that sTERRYo and I had made a cover of Home Computer a few years back as The Pocket Checkers. We kind of just did it for fun and also cause we thought it was funny that TK sounds just like the dude from Kraftwerk on it. Anyway in no way does it come close to the OG version, but fuck it here it is:

Even though it's not on the Computer World album you should grab this edit of The Model our boy Michna who just killed it at Boyz On Film did. It was originally on his Metal On Metal mixtape with Woodman and I've probably played it a million times.

Kraftwerk - The Model (Michna Edit)

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  1. my tape contribution changed the game foreva!!

    also-for the record, my interest in MOJO was for Kurt & Courtney + Kraftwerk- i don't care about Yoko Ono.

    Carry On.