Friday, March 27, 2009


I hadnt been to Mimai since (f)art basel and words couldnt express how stoked i was to leave New York and its 40 degree weather. This was probably the only trip I've ever taken where I didn't wait til the last minute to pack my shit. I was ready!!!

sTERRYo wasnt...
Notice the lining in sTERRYo's jacket. Its so craze. Its like satin with the most random print. I dont have a picture but when partying the jacket is usually worn inside out.
Jemz convinced us we'd save money by driving to the airport and leaving the car in the parking lot (for 7 days) instead of cabbing it. First of all after reading the parking fee i realized that was total bullshit and second of all i was planning to take the train. Anyway, im pretty sure i was complaining in this picture. (and pregnant)
While waiting for the air tran sterryo showed me a feature on my camera that make the pictures all trippy. Guess i missed that part in the manual. Oh yea, wait a minute, i "found" the camera at a party.
The jet blue terminal had a spread like whole foods where your food is priced by weight. I spend about 7 bucks on 12 wings and piece of samon.
I like wings!
sTERRYo got a yogurt!
With out hesitation the jackets came off as soon as we hit Miami.
So did our clothes.....
All of our clothes!!
Whats left to do after dip in the pool?
Lloyds BBQ!!!
All and all one of the better days ive had in miami. The pool was the shit. I slept the whole flight. All the homies came to the BBQ and the party we had to Dj after was fun too (Eli even almost came to the after party with us). Im scared to ask but whats next?

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