Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Any one whos ever been to WMC knows its pure mayhem. Theres never anything not going on. This year was especially busy because between the Mobroder and Hardy Boyz projects we were always on the move. We had planned to debut the Mobroder project in the sauna at the Standard Hotel. Im not sure how it came together but you couldnt have picked a better location. There were private invitations given out amongst friends and every second leading up to Friday was either spent promoting, organizing or just being hyped on the party. Basically we were stoked!! However, no one had to dj the night before so we all decided to go in on the night. What started out as a fun hotel party ended up with me being homeless, Hoff almost dying and Jemz and Sterryo over sleeping a better part of the party the next day (it started at 4pm). Somehow Hoff and I made it to the sauna right as the doors were opening. It turned out to be one of the better parties that week. Heres what went down.

Malibu and Maliboo
Me & Jake Jefferson aka Manny Devito
I dont know what was in the champagne but it turned me from a black guy into...
...a white girl. Notice the look on Jakes face. I wouldnt put it past him setting me up.

Hoff Hoffereson

to be continued next WMC.

This is that song that started all the trouble the night before.

Pet Shop Boys : We all feel better in the dark (extended mix)


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