Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drink of the summer.

The Michelada.
I'm a real Mexican

Your Michelada is way off. Real Mexicans from Mexico never use lemons or soy sauce. We use only fresh key limes. Also you forgot the clamato. Here is the real Michelada recipie

*12 oz. Mexican Beer, non-dark, (Corona, Dos XX....)
*6 oz Motts Clamato
*2 dashes of premium worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins)
*2 dashes Tabasco brand hot sauce
*juice from 2 non-yellow key limes
*1 pinch coarse ground black pepper (Mcormick or from a pepper grinder)
*1 pinch sea salt

Thanks Buddy


  1. Michelada's FTW!!!

    NO BS: I have been exclaiming Michelada is the official drink of the summer for the last few weeks after finally trying one at Caracas.

    Thanks for the recipe, defo gonna try this out.


  2. remember to salt and chili powder (mix it up in a bowl) the the rim of the glass though....