Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here's a new series we'll be calling RIDE WITH JEMZ. Basically against everybody in the world's advice I decided to bring my Volvo S40 back with me when I moved back from LA this past fall. The weird thing about this car is that while it was made in 2000, the previous owner still hadn't heard of a CD player. I've always been a big fan of cassettes so this didn't really fade me.

Recently I found my old tape collection while cleaning out the basement to make room for the new and improved HARDY STUDIOS. I thought I'd share with you some of these priceless heirlooms I will hopefully be passing on to my grand kids one day. This week we've been pumping...

Slum Village Fantastic Vol 1

In all honesty I'll admit I was one of those people who initially felt Jay Dee had kind of ruined Tribe so I was hesitant to embrace the Slum at first. This tape (a Japanese edition that was one of, if not the the first to come out, "cough, cough") changed all that. You can't fight these beats and to Slum's credit I think they were slept on as far as lyrics and song writing. There's about 5 rappers that make me want to rap when I hear them. EPMD, Del & Cube, Devin The Dude & Slum. It's something about the flow that makes me instantly start freestyling when I listen to this, which makes it perfect for the whip. Also I should note Beats, Rhymes & Life is probably the Tribe album I listen to the most nowadays (always skipping Stressed Out), so I'm sorry for ever doubting you Tip & Dilla.

If I had to pick a favorite track of this 24 song monster i guess it would be...

The rest of the album can be found everywhere on CD nowadays, but here it is to remind you just how good this shit is (I hope Lloydski's solo album comes out sounding like this).

Slum Village: 5 ELA (Remix)


  1. who still uses zshare dun get with the times it's the 90s

  2. woody your wack... dont come back to our blog... also to answer you question HARDY uses ZSHARE, we have a stake in the company...