Friday, June 5, 2009


One day you guys are gonna realize that when the Hardy Boyz bbq you just come. Whatever you were planning to do prior becomes secondary. We take our bbqing seriously all year round. They usually take place at sTERRYo's but last Memorial weekend my housemates decided to throw a bbq in my back yard. It started at 3. I cant remember where i crashed the night before but i figured if i could get to the bbq at 2:30 i could beat the crowd and atleast pretend to set up with my roommates. Not the case. My back yard was already packed with people by the time i got there. Ooops. Between then and midnight 200 to 300 people must have been there dancing, drinking and doing mushrooms on my roof. Definitely a top 10 day.

Leave it to sTERRYo to find a blank cassette tape in my apt and record the last 30 minutes of the BBQ.

(Music courtesy of Stache, Woody, Rok 1, Duane and Porkchop)

happy summertime,


BTW. We mean it when we say all year round. You think a little 30 degree weather is gonna stop us??? HA. You must got the wrong Hardy Boyz!

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