Monday, June 8, 2009


Last night at the Ella Prince party is a blur. Ooooooof! There was some serious Prince fans in there for sure. If you weren't playing Prince they let you know. I love how sTERRYo got on and proceeded to play two Prince songs over the course of an hour. Some guy came up to me and asked me what the fuck does "Love comes Quickly" by the Pet shop Boys have to do with Prince. I had to tell him Prince wrote it to calm him down. It was like that all night. I was too tired to take pictures but i did get this shot of me after at Punjab.
After Punjab i went home and watched Purple Rain until i passed out.

This and that scene at the end of "Just one of the Guys" are probably two of the most random breast shots ever. Theres really no preparation what so ever. However, they both pretty much shaped my childhood so im not hating. Girls had cooties until i saw those movies.

Happy Birthday Prince



  1. what the name of that song in this video??? and also while seeing that clip made me wonder what the hell happen to natural breasted women in movies and in general... damn shame

  2. 17 days by prince