Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So we heard David Byrne was playing in Prospect Park on Monday and decided it be worth checking out. Of course we came up with the idea days before and it wasn't until the last minute that we decided to act on it. The show started at 8. I rolled up at 755 to claim a grill. There had to be at least ten thousand people there so walking up i was kinda prepared to take a L on finding one. Fortunately for us the BBQ gods were smiling upon us because i found the very last one way in the back in the nose bleed section of the nose bleed section. i didn't have the food yet so mad people were trying to go in on my grill but i wasn't haven't it. A couple arguments later sTERRYo and his mom show up & everyone else soon after. Pulled pork, marinated chicken, dogs, stantys, salad and tequila. Not mad.

This guy had the right idea. A portable gas grill. Don't surprised if you see Da Hardy Boyz trying to get one of these through customs on our next tour.

Suzie (sTERRYo's mom) and Orion. We're djing with him here this Friday. come!
Saheer from House of House was there.
So was Lorraine the hippy and jemz's K face.
Some how sTERRYo knew the pyro technician guy for the show. Ha! Turns out they were getting drunk back stage and sTERRYo walked right into an exploding stage prop and burnt both his arms. We don't call it a SUPER PICNIC for nothing!!!



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