Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once upon a time not long ago ..



What a night. At least from the parts I remember. We started off on a good note practicing , sound checking , things real bands do. After that things pretty much took its own course. Lloyd had to DJ before our set which started at 4:30 in the morning... ugh. Hardy Boyz at 4:30 in the morning ? If you know us you know what were like at that hour. Anyways moving on Lloyd was killing it but then a squad of DJ's who all looked the part of Diddys interns came in the booth and started bullying him to play 50 cent for the last half hour leading up to our set. At this point I was removed from the club for "supposedly doing something illegal behind the dj booth." and had to talk my way back in the club with head of security "No I'm with the Da Hardy Boyz I'm performing in a few minutes." OK back in the club . Lets do this. We get on stage . We do a dance routine. I'm thinking DAMN we are kind of killing it thank god we practiced, when suddenly the song gets faded out half way through and a voice comes over the mic which I will never forget " thank you hardy boyz " and on comes 50 cent again as we make our wounded exit. "Nah were cool we pulled it off"

So here is a video clip from the show . I remember the show being short but not this short .... Milk it for all its glory.

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