Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I thought I'd take a second to let you in on some of the behind the scenes action for Da Hardy Boyz: Here I Am Video, which we officially released today.

Sometime around WMC my friend ABBY KOOCHER


and I were hanging out and she suggested we make a video during her break from working on SILENT LIBRARY for MTV. People are always offering to make videos, but being that its a lot of fucking work it usually doesn't pan out. Abby on the other hand is a soldier so it did!

She told me to come up with a basic idea so I started digging. One of my favorite video's of all time has always been New Order's Confusion.

When I played it for her she was like "um ok you want a video with you rapping at a party scene," which was pretty funny to me. The reason I love this video is because of how ill it makes NY look, The Funhouse, 42nd st, those train stations, etc. Obviously that gritty energetic city is gone, but its still the best city in the world and I felt it was time for a video to pay homage to it again. The funniest response I got to this idea was when I told Eli, his answer "yeah good luck with that one buddy."

After we had finished shooting we ran into Alex from Holy Ghost! at some loft party. We were talking about our upcoming videos and one of us was like "you've seen the Confusion video right?" Alex's jaw dropped and thought we were taking a piss because their upcoming video was a shot for shot remake of the New Order clip! I think theirs came out really great too (however remember their DFA budget was quite a bit larger than our MS budget in all fairness).

For our music film we didn't want to jack the whole New Order steez as much as get inspiration from it. You'll see that some parts, like the pizza scene are obviously taken directly from the original. Other sections like the part when we go to EVR and Eli, Spank and XXXchange are chilling is supposed to be the modern equivalent of Arthur Baker going to break the record at the club (shout to Eli Bean Benitez). Also I would say at least 50% of our video was just freestyled on the spot by Abby, which worked out well in our opinion.

Another funny memory I have is when PH came to hide out in the party scene and said something like "I don't know this isn't really a party song." Why does everybody assume that Da Hardy Boyz only want to party? Oh yeah right, that's why.

Anyway that's what it was. Thank you to everyone who came thru for us, especially ABBY, Michna, Skye, Spindles, Terry, Frog, 7 Spring St and Spanish Berlin.

Now we present to you DA HARDY BOYZ in HERE I AM!!! Enjoy!!!



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