Saturday, July 25, 2009


What started out as a pretty mellow night quickly turned for the worst as the night progressed. Nothing crazy but all the homies came. Here are some pictures from earlier in the night.

Turner and Fooch

Word of advice ladies. When sTERRYo gets the eyes its pretty much a wrap for you. Doesnt matter where you are. Parking lots, hotel rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms ect ect. Youre as good as got. Those are not the eyes.

Lucky for Paloma these are not the eyes either.


O Public

And these are my eyes. Ladies watch out!!

Double P and LLoydski

Whats the deal with me and sTERRYo always ending up on the floor anyway? While going through pictures I realized atleast 9 out of 10 nights end up like this. I should compile all the pictures and make a book. Call it "War on the Floor" or somthing.

Whatever. Its funner on the floor anyway.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. More pics coming soon including sTERRYo's D Prosper dedication. Peep the video if you havent already. Its the best!!!


*pics via Spanglish Berlin

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